Scramble With Friend Daily Challenge 3: Over already?!?!?

As some of you have complained, the Daily Challenge for March 2012 is over already!  It just disappeared off the front menu, and they didn’t award any coin bonuses!  What the heck?!?  Man, Zynga is really letting it slip here, what’s the point of doing these “challenges” of you don’t see your overall results??  Their quality control is really slipping!

Zynga, get your act together!!!

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Scramble With Friends Daily Challenge 3, Challenge 2

Challenge #2 for SWF.  This one, you need to form words with the specified letters, otherwise they won’t count.  There’s a DW tile in there, so using that will double up your points!

I wish they would change up the board, because playing the same board multiple times gets old.  But I guess that’s the only way they can compare scores…

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Scramble With Friends Daily Challenge 3, March 2012

Looks like another edition of the Daily Challenge!  They should really call it the Quarterly Challenge, since they only do it once every 3 months!

It’s similar to the previous challenges, but here each word is only worth 10 pts, regardless of how long they are.  This means that the short words count!  What I do is to go for each vowel, and the form two letter words for each letter around it.  Some may work, some may not, but it’s the fastest way to go through them all!

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